Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rating 4.5/5

Golf de Champ de Bataille

If ever there was a golf course which lived up to the reputation of hidden gem, the Golf Club du Champ de Bataille is one of them. This beautiful woodland course is nested right in the heart of the Norman countryside and is an absolute gem of a course in regal surroundings.

Golf Club du champ de bataille, Normandy, France

When driving up to the golf course, the road winds past the glorious Chateau du Champ de Bataille, whose legacy goes as far back as 935 when a large battle took place on this land (hence ‘Champ de Bataille’, ‘Battle Field’). The victorious family subsequently built what is considered to be the first chateau on this land and there have been intermittent connections with the royal family over the years…but back to the golf.

The forest surrounding the Chateau is now home to the picturesque Champ de Bataille golf course. Twisting and winding through the ancient trees, rarely are there two fairways running parallel. As soon as the 2nd hole, you are presented with a spectacular Par 3, hitting down to a green significantly lower than the tee box.

All through the course, no matter which hole, the experience is magical and the holes weave seamlessly from one to the other. Thick undergrowth penalises, yet the exquisite Rhododendrons please the eye. This is a fantastic course open to all levels of golfers and one which will be enjoyed by all.

The clubhouse is small and modest but the restaurant is marvellous. Serving traditional French food, it is thoroughly recommended to stay put and partake in the Menu of the Day or whatever other specialities they are serving up. A delightful course which deserves to be played and deserves to be given more recognition.


  • Designer: Robin Nelson & Thierry Huau
  • 18 holes
  • Par 72
  • Length: 5,987 metres (6,547 yards)
  • Slope ?
  • Golf club website: https://www.golf-champdebataille.com/
  • Phone number: 02 32 35 03 72
  • Public
  • Address: B.P.24, 27110 Le Neubourg