Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Rating 3.5/5

Golf d’Etretat

The Etretat golf course has arguably some of the greatest and most awe-inspiring views of any golf course in France. Perched high up on the Norman cliffs over-looking the small town of Etretat and the English Channel, the Golf d’Etretat is truly something special.

Review of Golf d'Etretat, Normandy, France

The club was founded in 1908, and like many other French seaside courses, on the request of British visitors to the area. The club has a rich history and is fortunate to still exist considering how extensively it was mined during the Second World War. The first layout of the Golf d’Etretat was initially only 13 holes, with golfers having to play the first 5 holes to complete the full 18. 

It was only after the First World War, that the course was extended to the full 18-holes which it is today and the current Clubhouse replaced its predecessor which was where the 11th green is now located.

There are a number of holes which flirt precariously with the cliff edges, like the stretch from 10 to 14, but on the whole, the rest of the course is relatively flat and hazard free. The difficultly is when the wind picks up, which it invariably does. So although wayward shots are not overly penalised, when the wind is blowing you best be straight or you could be hitting from another fairway.

The signature hole is the 10th, and a monster hole it is. Under the watchful gaze of the clubhouse, you tee-off from an elevated tee-box over gorse and into to the wind, down to a narrow fairway which winds uphill towards the green, a good 490 yards away. As if this wasn’t enough, the right hand side is all out-of-bounds being a busy public walk-way leading to the vantage point at the top of the cliffs.

But despite Dinard Golf Club in Brittany and Golf de Spérone in Corsica, there are possibly no other golf courses in France where you can enjoy such dramatic views. The Clubhouse is positioned in one of the most exposed spots on the site, overlooking the town of Etretat and offering stunning panoramic views out to the Channel. The menu changes on a weekly basis and for a starter and main course, the value is superb. Keep an eye out for the fresh seafood option.


  • Designer: Julien Chantepie & Arnaud Massy
  • 18 holes
  • Par 72
  • Length: 6,073 metres (6,641 yards)
  • Slope 126
  • Golf club website: https://golfetretat.com/
  • Phone number: 02 35 27 04 89
  • Public
  • Address: Route du Havre, 76790 Etretat