I’m an amateur golfer who for decades, worked in the golf industry and instantly became slightly obsessed with ticking off Top 100 golf courses. 

This obsession has taken me all around the world playing golf courses of all shapes and sizes, and staying in countless golf resorts.

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The superb Cruden Bay north of Aberdeen

It wasn’t any obsessive compulsive trait or even the challenge of getting on these courses. It wasn’t even the need to test myself…my golf leaves enough to be desired without feeling the masochistic need to put undue pressure on myself. 

It was something more than that. There was something beguiling, something that fascinated me about why one course was considered better than another. The design, the challenge, the aesthetic, the service, the condition, the clubhouse….

But what I soon realised is these Top 100 lists are perpetually changing and they differ significantly from one person to another. Ask your golfing pals to each write down their Top 10 golf courses, each list will be completely different. 

This captivated me and only fuelled my ambition to play as many of these courses as possible…without it being all-consuming (I still have a life!). 

Working in the golf industry, it just so happened I was selling and account managing golf courses in various countries, which offered me the opportunity to start ticking off many of these outstanding courses.

les bordes logo flag, France

So why the site?

Because there is a dearth of information online about the ‘best golf courses’ in each State or region.

So what started as just a side-hobby, turned into creating one of the most authoritative blogs about golf travel in the U.S.

I’m committed to making this into your one-stop website for playing golf in the United States. Everything from where to travel, which golf courses to play, which resorts to stay in, you’ll find here.

There are without doubt some incredibly authoritative sites which review in detail each individual course. But there is little in the way of blog posts reviewing the best golf courses per state or golf destination.

So what swiftly followed was a passionate dive into researching and collating all this information, to try and educate and inspire you.

I stress, these are not all personal reviews. Some are, some aren’t.

But every single blog post has been meticulously researched, looking at every course website, working through every review site, reading user feedback, looking at photos, speaking to people, a lot of personal experience….you name it.

Ultimately, golf is subjective. There is no ‘right’ answer. What I like you may not. But all I’m looking to do is better educate you. I’m looking to do the legwork of researching the best golf courses in each area for you. And I may also help highlight some amazing golf courses which simply don’t do marketing very well.

All in all….

This journey has been truly inspiring and my ‘to play list’ just keeps getting longer and longer.

Oh, and if you were wondering what it is that makes a golf course a Top 100 nominee? For me it is the overall package, the experience, the sensation you get from the minute you enter the gates, to walking through the clubhouse, looking down the first fairway with nervous anticipation.

Each hole continually enthralling, making you think, making you smile. It’s then topped off by the beer on the terrace…well, maybe that’s a little unfair as even the worst course can be improved by the beer on the terrace. But you get the point, there is no one thing. And again, it’s all subjective 😉

Golf de Vidauban - practice green, France

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