On this journey of building up my blog, I’ve come across some other fantastic golf websites. Many of these I’ve been a big fan of, even pre-starting this blog.

I’ve created this page to be a central repository for all those great sites, so you may also find enjoyment in these. I’m a big believer that the more golf blogs help each other and spread the word, the easier it is for people like you, who are looking for great golf news, information and inspiration.

Mystic Rock, Nemacolin, Pennsylvania, Permission Given

Linked Sites

  • Golf Course Gurus: The golf course gurus travel the world, taking stunning photography and writing in-depth reviews of some of the finest golf courses around. Highly recommended.
  • Golf Empire: Another great site with detailed golf course reviews, which focuses primarily on the British Isles.
  • The Social Golfer: The place to join a community of golfers, take part in events, get a handicap and read updates on golf news and the latest golf rules

Other great resources

  • Top100golfcourses: Who doesn’t know of this website. One of the most authoritative golf course ranking websites
  • Golf Digest: The place to go for your latest golf news and equipment reviews