Le Touquet Paris-Plage

Good for…

  • Groups
  • Great golf
  • Nightlife
  • Close to the UK
  • Choice of hotels

Le Touquet is the most popular destination for golfers coming over from the UK with thousands annually descending onto this characterful town. With fantastic championship golf courses, some good bars and restaurants, you can see why.

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Seaside resort Le Touquet

Deauville & Trouville

Good for…

  • Gastronomy
  • Upmarket
  • Casino
  • Variety of golf courses
  • Easy ferry access from UK

Another of France’s most visited golf destinations, Deauville and Trouville offer perfect harmony between upmarket and chic (Deauville) and more rustic and charming (Trouville).

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Seaside resort Trouville sur Mer


Good for…

  • Discerning golfers
  • Top 100 courses
  • Upmarket hotels
  • Culture and golf
  • Paris close-by

Home to the French aristocracy around the 17th century, there are very few places worldwide which can match the splendour and wow-factor of the ‘Chateau de Versailles’. Versailles is a great base to visit local Top 100 courses and be a short train ride away from central Paris.

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The golf destination of Versailles