In this post we’re going to take a look at the best golf courses in Macon. This beautiful city in the heart of Georgia has many great attributes and reasons to visit.

For starters it has a rich musical history. Not just the birthplace for Southern Rock, it was also the home city of the iconic Allman Brothers Band. 

Macon is known for its Southern cuisine and welcoming Southern hospitality. It has a fascinating cultural history and is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination. 

As for golf, there aren’t many courses in the area. But there are some good ones to choose from. Let’s get into them now.

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The best golf courses in Macon, Georgia

Idle Hour Golf & Country Club

We commence this list by highlighting the remarkable Idle Hour Golf & Country Club, situated a mere fifteen-minute drive north of Macon along Highway 41.

Established in 1912, this distinguished club holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most esteemed clubs not only in Macon but throughout the state of Georgia.

Previously owned by R.H. Plant, the property served as a stock farm for raising trotters! Thus inspiring the club’s name, which pays homage to the countless “idle hours” he spent on the farm. Remarkably, this original and distinctive name persists to this day.

The course itself was constructed in 1919, and over the years, it has hosted numerous prominent tournaments. Amongst these is the Georgia State Amateur Golf Championships.

Spanning an impressive 6,727 yards from the back tees, the course boasts a splendid parkland design. 

Recently, it underwent a substantial renovation overseen by the immensely talented Mike Riley, who has steadily garnered a sterling reputation in the industry through his exceptional work at esteemed locations such as Rivermont and Reunion.

It is important to note that the course is privately owned, thereby necessitating acquaintance with a club member to gain access, leaving the majority to appreciate its magnificence from afar.

River North Country Club

River North Country Club, Macon, Georgia, Permission Given - resized

Located in the vast woodlands north of Macon, is the fantastic private club of River North Country Club. It is located just under a twenty minute drive out of the city, five minutes from the Ocmulgee River. 

Founded in 1972, the club boasts an impressive expanse, spanning a vast 1,800-acre plot within the lush environs of Jones County. Two years following its establishment, the club unveiled its illustrious 18-hole championship golf course, meticulously designed by the renowned Gary Player.

In the year 2023, the club underwent a change in ownership as Childers Adams, in collaboration with two local businessmen, acquired the establishment. It is worth noting that Adams is the grandson of the late Robert J. Adams Jr., the esteemed original founder of the club. 

This new ownership holds great promise for the club, as substantial investments are being made to enhance the infrastructure, equipment, and overall quality of the course.

From the back tees, this wonderful parkland layout stretches to 6,606 yards. Player, with support from Randolph Russell, created a very elegant design. The routing makes perfect use of the natural movement in the land which makes this a challenge off the tee.

That said, with five sets of tee box, you can play according to your skill level. 

And this may come in handy on the club’s signature hole, the eighteenth. It boasts an island fairway which is by far one of the most unique closing holes in all of Georgia. 

Brickyard Golf Club

Formally known as Riverside Golf & Country Club, Brickyard Golf Club is one of the finest private golf courses in Macon.

This is both a nature lovers and golf enthusiasts haven, nestled far away from the city in the beautiful verdant landscape in the north. 

The course was originally designed by the veteran golfer Charles ‘Chic’ Adams. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Adams designed well over one hundred golf courses and he was known for his meticulous designs. 

Yet following a takeover in 2003, the club commissioned the PGA Tour player Mark McCumber to completely redesign the course. So much so, it took McCumber and his team two years to finish the project.

Although the routing stayed relatively similar, nearly everything else changed. Greens and tee boxes were rebuilt. Fairways were reshaped and bunkers added. They also installed a new clubhouse and various other facilities.

But it didn’t stop there. Over the years there has been a project of adding a wave of new greenery. 1,800 new pine trees, hundreds of thousands of wild-grass specimens, over a hundred crepe myrtles…this was a redesign on another scale.

This private club can now confidently lay claim to having one of the finest championship courses in Middle Georgia. 

The best public golf courses in Macon, Georgia

Barrington Hall Golf Club

Barrington Hall Golf Club, Macon, Georgia, Facebook - resized

Past the Whispering Pines neighborhood northwest of Macon, north of the serene Lake Tobesofkee, is the elusive Barrington Hall Golf Club.

This fine club is set within beautiful wooded grounds, weaving through luxury houses. This is an impressive set up and you get the sense of being a million miles from the city. 

The club was founded in 1992 and was previously known as Fox Run Country Club. 

The layout is fantastic. An expansive woodland course which makes great use of the dramatic topography. It was designed by Tom Clark who has a knack for creating courses that both play and rank well. He has more than a handful of courses ranking in the Top 10 in a number of states.

Here at Barrington Hall, the routing measures between 5,012 yards from the front tees, to well over 7,000 yards off the backs. There is a majestic beauty prevalent in the surrounding landscape which enhances the overall experience. 

You would be forgiven for thinking Barrington Hall was a private club. And although it certainly has that look and feel, it is open to the public. And a recent change of ownership has ensured Barrington Hall is back on the right track.

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Oakview Golf Course

Oakview Golf & Country Club 1, Macon, Georgia, Facebook - resized

In the blissful landscape of south Bibb County, is the popular Oakview Golf Course. This is the only course south of the city, so one might argue Oakview’s popularity is slightly self-perpetuating. But this is a great layout.

The course forms part of the Oakview residential community which features a number of outstanding luxury houses. Where these luxury houses aren’t lining the fairways, you’ll find dense woodland instead.

Bibb County is hilly, and the terrain upon which Oakview is routed, is also suitably undulating. Rolling hills make for some dramatic holes so knowing where to hit the ball is essential. But this topography also makes the challenge of playing here all the more exciting. 

For example, the first hole slaps you in the face and you quickly realize the challenge facing you. A 469 yard par-5 with a huge dip from an elevated tee box. Once down in the dip, you then face a formidable climb back up to the elevated green. Welcome to Oakview folks!

The course was designed by the relatively unknown Barry Edgar, and remains to this day his only foray into golf course design. Which is a shame, as Oakview Golf course, which opened in 1996, is a fine layout. 

The course does accept public golfers and is really affordably priced, with weekend rates for 18 holes around the $50 mark. 

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